26 December 2012

Yes, New Year Is Coming!

Happy New Year to one and all!
Yes, New Year is coming and a lot of things happened to me and my VA job these past months. I'm thankful that I was able to get more clients last month which meant better pay.  I was able to earn double which was in time for the Holiday season.  This week and the next I'm taking off work to celebrate the Holidays with more time for my family.  

I am always excited about the New Year and wanted to plan all my goals and thoughts for the next year.  Somehow, New Year makes me feel hopeful and eager of new possibilities. I'm not truthfully concerned about the Mayans end of the world; I am more concerned of tomorrows if I live. What will be next after this year?  Would I live better next year?  What I’m particularly grateful about ending this year is that we came out together as one family with all the tribulations that had happened this year.  My family moved to a different place, built a new home, met new friends, introduced to new families and switched jobs.  We were able to overcome a lot of challenges that an ordinary family faces but some fail to surpass. Because of these, we have loved each other more.

As to my job, another year will come and it’s still going and kicking strong.  My long-term client is surely here to stay for the next year and hopefully for the years to come as long as I am a VA. I am also hoping to develop a good long-term relationship with my newly-gained clients.  Just a couple of them who assign projects every now and then but there is a potential that workloads would increase and go on.

I am also praying that pay rate will increase next year but I guess this is unlikely to happen, that is the reason that gaining another client is an option.  Overall, I am happy where my home business is going, I may increase my working time and workloads but I know I’ll always find a way to manage it rightly.

For all of us, cheers to a wonderful Holiday season and a Happy New Year!

26 November 2012

The Best Free US Business Directory Listing

One of my main tasks as an SEO assistant is to make sure the visibility of the business online.  And one of the important things to do is to submit the Company’s information to different business directory sites.  Here, I have collated the best free US business directory listing sites to help businesses increase their ranking on the web.

Business Listing Site Submission Link
yelp.com https://biz.yelp.com/signup
maps.google.com https://maps.google.com
citysquares.com http://my.citysquares.com/search
directory.wfaa.com http://directory.wfaa.com/biz/signup
exactseek.com http://www.exactseek.com/cgi-bin/signup.cgi
insiderpages.com http://www.insiderpages.com/businesses/new
inter800.com http://inter800.com/freelist.htm
juicyfinder.com http://juicyfinder.com
linkcentre.com http://linkcentre.com/addurl
local.yahoo.com http://listings.local.yahoo.com/overview.php
localsearchoptimization.com http://localsearchoptimization.com
somuch.com http://somuch.com/AddSite/SubmitMain.asp
articles.directorym.net http://register.nsphere.net
tupalo.com http://tupalo.com/en/accounts?unauthenticated=true
viesearch.com http://viesearch.com/submit
abc-directory.com http://www.abc-directory.com/insert/765211
aboutus.org http://www.aboutus.org
angieslist.com https://business.angieslist.com/Registration
biznik.com https://biznik.com/members/new
bridgat.com http://www.bridgat.com/index.php?page=reg
brownbook.net http://www.brownbook.net/business/add
chamberofcommerce.com http://www.chamberofcommerce.com/overview
citysearch.com http://www.citysearch.com/members/start?refers
cylex-usa.com http://admin.cylex-usa.com/firma_default.aspx?
dexknows.com http://www.dexknows.com/info/build.asp
directorycentral.com http://www.directorycentral.com/packages.php
hotfrog.com http://www.hotfrog.com/AddYourBusiness.aspx
judysbook.com http://www.judysbook.com/post/0
justclicklocal.com http://www.justclicklocal.com/user/submitlisting
list-of-companies.org http://www.list-of-companies.org/add
lookooh.com http://www.lookooh.com/update.html
magicyellow.com http://www.magicyellow.com/add-your-business
manta.com http://www.manta.com/member/register/?rl=join_free
mapquest.com https://listings.mapquest.com/apps/listing
matchpoint.com https://www.matchpoint.com/register.htm?redirect
mojopages.com http://www.mojopages.com/biz/signup
pageinsider.com http://www.pageinsider.com
superpages.com http://www.supermedia.com/spportal/quickbpflow
theusaexplorer.com http://www.theusaexplorer.com/List.html
weedee.com http://www.weedee.com/login.asp?msg=Sign
whitepages.com http://www.whitepages.com
wikidweb.com http://www.wikidweb.com/wiki/Special:Search
yellowbot.com https://www.yellowbot.com/signin?yp_r=http
local.com https://advertise.local.com
register.kudzu.com https://register.kudzu.com
cityslick.net https://www.cityslick.net/reg.php
citysearch.com https://listings.expressupdateusa.com/Account
joedeals.showmelocal.com http://joedeals.showmelocal.com/businessreg
local.citycreate.com http://local.citycreate.com/businessregistration.aspx
local.mentalhelp.net http://subscribe.directorym.com/register.aspx?
local.netdoc.com http://subscribe.directorym.com/register
local.timesunion.com http://local.timesunion.com
national.citysearch.com http://national.citysearch.com
nealcomm.com http://nealcomm.com/addbusiness.asp
publicyellowpages.com http://publicyellowpages.com/contact-us.php
radarfrog.gatehousemedia.com http://radarfrog.gatehousemedia.com/addlisting
reallymadeinusa.info http://reallymadeinusa.com/contact/#feedback-form
start.cortera.com https://start.cortera.com/go/dispatcher/signup?
tr.list-of-companies.org http://tr.list-of-companies.org/add
tx.asklocalpages.com http://www.askyp.com/contact.php
us.justdial.com http://us.justdial.com/freelisting.php?f=1
awesomebusinesspages.com http://web.awesomebusinesspages.com/category
allpages.com http://www.allpages.com/about/listings-modification
autowebdir.com http://www.directoryvault.com/submit.php?gclid
bizdays.com http://www.bizdays.com/register/biz_signup.aspx
bizfind.us http://www.bizfind.us
cmocro.com http://www.cmocro.com/add_your_service.php
corporationwiki.com http://www.corporationwiki.com/account/login
discoverourtown.com http://www.discoverourtown.com/add
doctors.at http://www.doctors.at/contact
freeprwebdirectory.com http://www.freeprwebdirectory.com
google.com/local http://www.google.com/local/add/g?hl=en-US
indexedamerica.com http://www.indexedamerica.com
infousa.com http://www.infousa.com
jayde.com http://www.jayde.com/submit.html
local.com http://www.local.com
localedge.com http://www.localedge.com
localpages.com http://www.localpages.com
nexport.com http://www.nexport.com/gl
roask.com http://www.roask.com/login.php
showmelocal.com http://www.showmelocal.com/businessreg
thinklocal.com http://www.thinklocal.com/Business-Signup.aspx
tyloon.com http://www.tyloon.com
usyellowpages.com http://www.usyellowpages.com
yasni.com http://www.yasni.com
yellowbook.com http://www.yellowbook.com
yellowise.com http://www.localxml.com/get-started
yellowmoxie.com https://www.yext.com/pl/yellowmoxie/preview.html
yellowpagecity.com http://www.yellowpagecity.com/Misc/Manage
yellowpages.co http://www.yellowpages.com
ziplocal.com http://www.ziplocal.com/olc/edit_listing.faces
znno.com http://www.znno.com
zoominfo.com http://www.tyloon.com/index.php?app=apply
metrobot.com http://www2.metrobot.com/mb/signup3.cfm?
yellowpages.superpages.com http://www.supermedia.com/business-listings
bizjournals.com https://www.bizjournals.com/login/bizjournals?
discoverourtown.com https://www.discoverourtown.com/add/thankyou

Some of these directories may not be applicable with your type of business.  If you are in tours and travel industry, it is more likely that your business profile will not get approved to medical directory listing.  So it is best to assess the type of directory first before submitting your business information.

20 November 2012

The Best Free Canadian Business Listing

One of my tasks as a VA is to submit company profiles to different business directories online in order to increase the visibility of the business on the web.  Most of my clients prefer free directory sites and because of this I've been able to compile great websites for free business listing for both Canada and US companies.  And today, I will reveal the best free Canadian Business Listing sites to help your Canada businesses gain online exposure.

Feel free to add to this list of free sites on your comments below.

Business Listing Site Submission Link
yelp.ca https://biz.yelp.ca/signup
hotfrog.ca http://www.hotfrog.ca/AddYourBusiness.aspx
cdnpages.ca http://www.cdnpages.ca/listing.aspx
ziplocal.ca http://www.ziplocal.ca/user/new_user
business-listings.com http://myaccount.business-listings.com/SignUp.aspx
canadaone.com http://www.canadaone.com/business/addbusiness.html
cylex.ca http://admin.cylex.ca/firma_default.aspx?step=0&d=
bizcus.com http://www.bizcus.com/canada/add-new
canadianbusinessdirectory.ca http://www.canadianbusinessdirectory.ca/login.php
expressbusinessdirectory.com http://www.expressbusinessdirectory.com/AddYourBus
freewebdirectory.biz http://www.freewebdirectory.biz/add_link.php?id=68
bridgat.com http://www.bridgat.com/index.php?
ourbis.ca http://www.ourbis.ca/en/business/new_check
yellowbot.com https://www.yellowbot.com/signin/register
bccontacts.net http://www.bccontacts.net/feedback/add.aspx
weedee.com http://www.weedee.com/profiles/new/complete.asp?
wikidomo.com http://www.wikidomo.com
n49.ca https://www.n49.ca/signup
yasni.ca http://www.yasni.com/expose?wnm
shopoakville.com http://www.shopoakville.com/add
tripline.net http://www.tripline.net/create
goldbook.ca http://corporate.goldbook.ca/update.aspx
local.yahoo.com http://listings.local.yahoo.com/overview.php
iwebdirectory.ca http://www.iwebdirectory.ca/list-your-business.php
linksite.ca http://www.linksite.ca/members/user_orders_add.php
biznik.com http://biznik.com
canadawebdirectory.info http://www.canadawebdirectory.info
azypages.com http://www.azypages.com/place-your-listing#
brownbook.net http://www.brownbook.net/business/add/
ca.wowcity.com http://us.wowcity.com/login_register.php
tupalo.com http://tupalo.com/en/accounts?unauthenticated=true
exactseek.com http://www.exactseek.com/add.html
aboutus.org http://www.aboutus.org
viesearch.com http://viesearch.com/submit
diggworld.com http://www.diggworld.com/create-listing/
manta.com http://www.manta.com/profile/my-companies/select?add
ibegin.com http://www.ibegin.com/business-center/claim/13119563
411.ca http://www.411.ca/vbo/add/?s=fenadr&p=1
yellowpages.ca http://www.yellowpages360solution.ca/en/resources/edit
mapquest.com http://help.mapquest.com/app/forms/canada_business
inter800.com http://inter800.com/freelist.htm
canadapages.ca http://www.canadapages.ca/free-online-advertising.php
dakitaki.com http://www.dakitaki.com/free-business-advertising.asp
list-of-companies.org http://www.list-of-companies.org/add/
weblocal.ca http://www.weblocal.ca/submit/newbusiness
freebizads.ca/index.php http://www.freebizads.ca/Add_business_listing.php?In=ON
shopincanada.com http://www.shopincanada.com/signup/
british-columbia.servpro.ca http://british-columbia.servpro.ca/can/signup.php?
toronto.worldweb.com http://services.worldweb.com/tourism-edit.html?
businessbc.ca http://www.businessbc.ca
zipperpages.ca http://www.zipperpages.ca/advertise.html
findusfast.ca http://www.findusfast.ca/feedback/#
localsites.ca http://www.localsites.ca/article/free-listing--add
pegasusdirectory.com http://pegasusdirectory.com/submit.php
tr.list-of-companies.org http://tr.list-of-companies.org/add/
vendorland.ca http://www.vendorland.ca/vendorsinsert.cfm
websearchportal.net http://websearchportal.net/order_listing.php?level=30
reddeerdirectory.com http://www.reddeerdirectory.com/red-deer-directory-
cochranebusiness.com http://www.cochranebusiness.com/order_listing.php
prolinkdirectory.com http://www.prolinkdirectory.com/submit.php
videotron.trouvetout.ca http://videotron.trouvetout.ca/en/contact-us/get-listed
dmoz.org http://www.dmoz.org
canadabook.ca http://www.canadabook.ca/cgi-bin/canada/add.pl
businessnetpages.com http://www.businessnetpages.com/ContactUs.aspx
a2zyp.com http://www.a2zyp.com/contact.php
cmocro.com http://www.cmocro.com/add_your_service.php
vancouverkiosk.ca http://www.vancouverkiosk.ca/add.html
aroundont.com http://www.aroundont.com/contact/mail.php
lacartes.com http://www.lacartes.com/join?redirect=%2Fbusiness
directory.biv.com http://directory.biv.com/AddBusiness.aspx
somuch.com http://somuch.com/AddSite/SubmitMain.asp
directorycentral.com http://www.directorycentral.com/business/company
lookooh.com http://www.lookooh.com/update.html

09 November 2012

VA Staffing Agencies Vs. Working Independently As A Virtual Assistant

Since I started working online, I’ve been doing it independently and preferred to not be a part of an agency.  There are some offers of course, but one of the reasons I decided to work at home is to do it on my own, so I think being in an employment agency wouldn’t give me the needed freedom I want.  When you work by yourself, you really feel that it is your own business, you set your own rules, your own rate and you choose which client to work with.  You develop more of sense of responsibility towards your work and goal.

Starting on your own can be very difficult since most clients opt to hire VA’s who already have virtual work experiences or have online track records on their resumes. A client usually asks from a VA a proof of her work.  A client often looks for customer testimonials and online portfolio which he can use as gauge to whether a certain online worker is credible or capable enough.  Given the fact that a client and a VA exist in a virtual world and that it is possible to not ever see each other in person, it is very easy to say and do fraud.  Someone who offers online services can state any skills she can assume of in order to win a client. On the other hand, a client who hires a VA can assign and start the work as soon as he can with the intention of not paying after the job was done.  This online job scam is widespread all over the internet and will surely guarantee a disaster working relationship. In order to be a successful VA, one must carry out an honest endeavor online and practice due care in getting the right person to have business with across the web.

If you are an aspiring VA, you may want to consider an online staffing agency.  Working in a Virtual Assistant employment company has its advantages.  One fact that you have to face when working online is the possibility of ending a job with a client.  This can happen abruptly or with prior notice.  If the client is considerate enough he may give you weeks of notice before the termination to allow you to find another job.  The termination of employment may due to different reasons like unsatisfactory work performance but often times the business has simply run out of projects to outsource. When this happens, a VA who is working independently full-time to a single client may be left without work, which also means no more pay.  Oftentimes, looking for another client on your own may take weeks or longer.  However, if you are working under a management firm, it can assist you with any concerns that you may have including finding another client for you.  The management takes care of identifying your strength, what you are good at and highlighting your assets as an employee then finds the best client that will fit your abilities and skills. VA staffing firm also offers great support and training to their employees. One thing you have to know as well is that VA companies pay lower than when you are working directly with a client.

Working as a VA for a year now is both challenging and rewarding career for me.  I have learned a great deal of things, developed my qualities and am still continuing to improve my skills. Working independently as a VA enables me to earn more which helps pay the household bills and allows my family to do some leisure activities and to have a better quality of life.

Now it is your turn to find out whether working independently or working with a VA management agency works best for you.  What do you think best suits you?

03 November 2012

What Had Happened After A Year Of Working At Home?

I set this blog up for the purpose of recording all the details and progresses of starting my own home-based job.  I should have done it a year ago when I first started my work-at-home career. Unfortunately, things got very busy that I had forgotten to record the details of my online work. I have finally found the time and vision to make this blog today.  After a year and just now. Yes I know, how keen and progressive. :-)

VA services
Anyway just to fill this first page in of what happened for the past months -  I started my online job on September of 2011 and gotten my first VA job after half a month of starting, at first I worked for few hours a day then I signed up to these online workplace platforms that kept me finding reliable clients.  What I mean of reliable client is that you are guaranteed to be paid for your work.  The sites make sure that the employers and contractors are both payment- and work-secured.
There are two sites that I really like the most, oDesk and Elance.  You can try them if you are a starter VA or planning to become a home-based worker.  They have great training and support which assist you on how to work successfully online.

A couple of clients I met outside the site were fraud, they make you do the work first then after it was done, they're gone.  No response from emails or on Im's.  So make sure you get all the necessary information from your client and know how to get in touch with them before starting a project.

Right now, you have to be tough in finding a good offer to these online workplace sites. Nowadays, there are so many contractors who bid way too low rate per hour and I can't understand how they do it.  Can they even break-even for less than $1.00/hour considering that every second is recorded with an online tracking system?  Also, I can’t stand those employers who require high quality works but only offer a very meager pay. Some clients are taking advantage those who are very desperate to get the job especially those who are looking for their first work. Now this may seem a not good online working environment at all but if you find a perfect client for you, it can be a rewarding experience.  They have great customer support for all the contractors' concerns and very good payment system too. 

I only have one client at the moment that I’m working part-time for up to 20-30 hours a week.  Its project based actually, if he has more work for the week, I have more pay.  This client is very reliable and considerate.  He pays on time and on weekly basis too, which really helps a lot because the funds help pay the household bills. We met through craiglist, I posted my service on the site then luckily we found each other.  I started working with him last December 2011, so this December I'll be one year with the Company.  I honestly hope and pray that his businesses will still continue to succeed and more successes to come because this mean more projects for me and continuous funds.  I do mostly seo and social marketing tasks for him.

This is it for now, more posts to come, now that I promise!