26 December 2012

Yes, New Year Is Coming!

Happy New Year to one and all!
Yes, New Year is coming and a lot of things happened to me and my VA job these past months. I'm thankful that I was able to get more clients last month which meant better pay.  I was able to earn double which was in time for the Holiday season.  This week and the next I'm taking off work to celebrate the Holidays with more time for my family.  

I am always excited about the New Year and wanted to plan all my goals and thoughts for the next year.  Somehow, New Year makes me feel hopeful and eager of new possibilities. I'm not truthfully concerned about the Mayans end of the world; I am more concerned of tomorrows if I live. What will be next after this year?  Would I live better next year?  What I’m particularly grateful about ending this year is that we came out together as one family with all the tribulations that had happened this year.  My family moved to a different place, built a new home, met new friends, introduced to new families and switched jobs.  We were able to overcome a lot of challenges that an ordinary family faces but some fail to surpass. Because of these, we have loved each other more.

As to my job, another year will come and it’s still going and kicking strong.  My long-term client is surely here to stay for the next year and hopefully for the years to come as long as I am a VA. I am also hoping to develop a good long-term relationship with my newly-gained clients.  Just a couple of them who assign projects every now and then but there is a potential that workloads would increase and go on.

I am also praying that pay rate will increase next year but I guess this is unlikely to happen, that is the reason that gaining another client is an option.  Overall, I am happy where my home business is going, I may increase my working time and workloads but I know I’ll always find a way to manage it rightly.

For all of us, cheers to a wonderful Holiday season and a Happy New Year!

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